Robin Hayes - 3D, VR, and Consumer Product Design Consulting - VR

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been a passion of mine since the '90s. My first job in VR was as a "World Builder" for Cosmo Software (Silicon Graphics). That job involved working with other companies to create worlds in VRML, as well as teaching classes in world building.

One of my recent consulting clients was Selvz. They were working on a VR gateway for the enterprise space to allow clients with multiple immersive VR experiences to create spaces where one could travel from one to the other, sort of a "virtual airport". With my guidance they transitioned to a space in the market that has both a larger market need, and a better fit for the technology they had developed. They have subsequently rebranded as a "Universal VR Media Platform".

Because of the explosive growth of interest and investment in the VR industry, the world of VR is constantly evolving, and new tools and techniques are being deployed as new hardware and software becomes available. Also, new approaches to interface and interactivity are being developed all across the industry. This can make it an exciting and confusing time for someone trying to get into the industry. By investing in new hardware, and investigating and trying out new software and development techniques, I can advise clients on the current state of the art, and where I think the industry is going in the near future.