Robin Hayes - 3D, VR, and Consumer Product Design Consulting - Samsung Voice Radio

Samsung Voice Radio

Our aim with this project was to create a physical internet radio product with intuitive voice control as well as old-school physical volume and tuning controls. Based on the success of the Samsung Milk Music app, this product was designed before the Amazon Echo was announced.

Sound Field Interface

Primary interface is voice. In order to get clean sound, we decided on a multi-unit system to allow for microphones to be placed around the room, which helps with ambient noise cancellation as well as creating localized sound.

Industrial Design

Our target customer for this project was Baby Boomers, so delivering old-school volume and tuning knobs for a maximally radio-like experience was key.

Interactive Prototype

Our team won an internal design competition and were able to present the concept and a working prototype to the president of Samsung Group in Korea.

My contribution